2021-2030 Strategic plan
2021-2030 Strategic plan

Our vision

We envision a diverse, sustainable and vibrant Georgian Cider & Other Fermented Drinks industry

  • We envision thriving cider and other fermented drinks festivals that promote sustainability and responsible practices in production and consumption. We also aspire to see successful cider bars and lengthy restaurant cider menus in every major city in Georgia that promote locally sourced and sustainable products.
  • We aim to achieve widespread recognition of "cider country" in the different regions of Georgia, where local cider producers implement sustainable practices to ensure a resilient and equitable food and beverage system.
  • Educated consumers with a passion and understanding for the diversity, sustainability and regionality of Georgian cider & other fermented drinks.
  • Georgia’s most talented chefs and sommeliers promoting cider & other fermented drinks and food pairings on their menus, in their public relations and on television.
  • Distributors embracing and promoting cider with all of their accounts.
  • Reliable and sustainable availability of inputs for cider making, including proper infrastructure, equipment, and a steady supply of desired apple varieties that are grown using sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Robust and reliable data of the market and trends to help our members make informed and sustainable business decisions.
  • Fair and simplified regulation of cider, so that all of our members have an equal chance to succeed while promoting sustainable practices.
  • Georgian cider is the most coveted cider in the global marketplace.
In order to achieve our goals and visions, we need to concentrate on 3 core mandates:
Education: To provide education that promotes sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the production and distribution of cider & other fermented drinks.
Advocacy: To be a reliable, big-tent voice of the industry with decision makers that advocates on behalf of sustainability, cider’s growth and prosperity.
Membership: To support, engage and grow our membership, “the life-blood” of the Georgian cider & other fermented drinks industry.
Action Plan (2021-2030)
  • Partnership with donors;
  • Cooperation with Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations;
  • Bringing in international cider experts and producers for arranging workshops or exchange programs;
  • Promote policies that support growth of the cider & other fermented drinks industry;
  • Grow demand for all styles of cider & other fermented drinks in Georgia;
  • Engage with the media as an informed, big-tent voice of the industry to grow awareness;
  • Improve available knowledge of cider & other fermented drinks production in Georgia;
  • Provide for the continued and evolving needs of our members with improved resources and services;
  • Develop a new excise tax policy.
What We Do
for 3 core mandates:
  • Workshops
  • 2
  • Festivals and other events
  • 3
  • Tips & methods of preparation
  • 4
  • News and trends in the industry
  • 5
  • Volunteering
  • 6
  • Studies & research
  • 7
  • Partnership & sales support
  • 8
  • Certification program
  • 9
  • Recipes for food and cocktails
  • 10
  • Blogs, press releases, tests and quizzes
  • 11
  • Offers & discounts
  • 12
  • Information on cideries in one space