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As an association, Georgian Cider is committed to promoting sustainability in the cider industry. We facilitate and support cider enthusiasts and enterprises of any size to raise awareness, develop and promote their products/brands in both local and global markets in a sustainable manner. Our focus on sustainability extends to all aspects of the industry, from apple and pear growing to production, packaging, and distribution.


we provide educational resources and connections to promote sustainable practices in their operations. We also connect Georgian cidermakers to buyers from restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the region to promote local and sustainable products.


we offer educational resources to promote sustainable production methods and connect them with local or global cider makers committed to sustainability. We also promote public events, tastings, and pairings that build appreciation and demand for sustainable local ciders.


we celebrate cider by promoting sustainable practices in restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the region. Our focus on sustainability ensures that consumers can enjoy high-quality, locally-sourced ciders that are produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.