From apples to the perfect drink
From apples to the perfect drink
Apples from Georgia
Apples from Georgia
Georgian Cider Association

As an association of cider, perry, and other fermented drinks producers, “Georgian Cider” promotes sustainability in the beverage industry.

By sharing information about cider production, regulations, and apple and pear growing, our members can improve their operations, raise cider awareness, advance these drinks in the market and adopt more sustainable practices.

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Our Mission is
To create New Market Opportunity for Georgia
To grow a diverse, sustainable and successful Georgian cider & Other Fermented Drinks industry
Providing valuable information, resources and services to our members and by advocating on their behalf.
Association is for


“Georgian Cider” facilitates those who are interested in cider, as well as production of any size at any stage of development.

We help cider enthusiasts and enterprises of any size to raise awareness, become sustainable, develop and promote their product / brand in both the local and global markets.

The Association connects Georgian cider-makers to buyers from restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the region and helps bring awareness, creation of new businesses and growth to the country’s cideries.


“Georgian Cider” provides educational resources for trade, including staff education, tastings, and connections with local or Global Cider Makers.

It also serves to help promote public events, tastings and pairings that build appreciation and demand for local ciders.


”Georgian Cider” celebrates cider by increasing its presence in restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the region.

Industry Players
Who creates this diverse and powerful industry:
  • Cider Enthusiasts
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  • Potential Cidermakers
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  • Home Cidermakers
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  • Cidery of all sizes
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  • Wholesalers & Retailers
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  • Apple Producers
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  • Donors & Other Partners
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  • Cider Companies & Associations outside the Georgia
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